Soaring Heights Schools provide transition services to students 14-21 years of age to address the students’ individual needs, strengths, and skills necessary for post-graduate activities, employment, or living, or post-secondary education.

We utilize Life Centered Education, an online curriculum that addresses the following three critical domains for adult living:

  • Daily Living Skills
  • Self Determination and Interpersonal Skills
  • Employment Skills

Soaring Heights Schools also employ transition coordinator, who work directly with students to assist with post-graduate education, employment, and living goals that enable students to becoming positive and productive members of society. Along the way, transition coordinators will complete individualized assessments to identify the appropriate needs of each student. Then, they will crate and implement individualized activities, services and goals.

Students will also have the opportunity to complete community service, job shadowing, and real-world work experience in fields of high interest. We collaborate and partner with community providers to establish and provide these opportunities.