Teenage Pupil Answering Question In ClassWhen students are properly motivated, they are more likely to stay fully engaged and remain on task. Soaring Heights Schools strive to maintain an environment of interest and fun in our autism support classrooms by incorporating individual preferences and strengths into our activities. This approach helps to promote active student participation and enthusiasm for learning.

Our classrooms provide a structured environment with individualized curriculum and a high staff-to-student ratio.  Programming focuses on the skills necessary for students to function as independently as possible in the community. Along with academics, students learn skills related to communication, daily living, leisure, and social interactions. Instruction is designed and implemented using various techniques including applied behavior analysis and direct instruction.

Challenging behaviors, including aggression and self-injury, are not uncommon among children diagnosed on the spectrum; therefore, staff are trained in utilizing evidence-based strategies to decrease these behaviors and teach new adaptive replacement behaviors.