Soaring Heights School provides special education services to students with autism or who have been identified as having an emotional disturbance through a behavioral and clinical approach.

SHS works in partnership with the local referring school district to provide a program in which the student can be successful and return to their least restrictive environment (LRE.) SHS develops a reintegration plan for each student, which addresses the supports a student needs, a time frame for transitioning back, and any specially designed instruction. To assist students in a successful return to LRE, the entire team will work together to develop effective classroom strategies and provide assistance and resources.

What Can I Expect from a Reintegration Plan?

The student’s reintegration plan will address the supports they need, their time frame for transition, and what specially designed instruction they’ll require to succeed. SHS teachers, Program Directors, or other staff will provide support and work with the new education team to develop effective classroom strategies and provide assistance and resources.

In addition to the educational programming and behavioral and clinical support, SHS invites all students ages 14 and up to participate in our transition services. Transition Coordinators are an integral part of our staff and ensure students have the opportunities to integrate pre-collegial, pre-vocational and vocational experiences that will prepare them for life after graduation. Depending on their goals, students may complete Interest Inventories, research potential job interests, tour vocational placements, and complete job applications and resumes.